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Helping a Loved One Overcome Addiction with an Intervention

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

Seeing a friend or family member struggle with substance abuse can be an emotionally draining experience. Addicts typically cannot see beyond their substance abuse; it takes center stage in their lives to the exclusion of anything and anyone else. Their relationships often take the brunt of this single-minded focus. That’s why chemical dependency treatment centers recommend an intervention to clearly demonstrate the destruction that a loved one’s drug addiction has caused.

Planning an Intervention

An intervention requires thoughtful consideration. When organizing such an event, you should carefully decide who will be a part of it. Addiction treatment experts... Continue reading →

Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is an Important Part of Treatment

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

Alcoholism does stem from a physical dependency to alcohol, but there are also complex mental and emotional factors to the addiction that should be focused on in treatment for a successful recovery. It is these factors that might drive an individual to alcohol use in the first place, and Alcoholics Anonymous can facilitate the discovery of these factors for complete recovery and ongoing support.

Group therapy and support

The group setting of AA is a large part of its success. In a meeting, you will be surrounded by others who understand your condition and have lived through it. One advantage of the group is that you can interact with people in all stages of recovery and establish a support system to set... Continue reading →

Las Encinas Announces Evening Program

March 25, 2016 Posted in: Announcement


The Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed for patients experiencing psychiatric or co-occurring psychiatric and addiction disorders. The program meets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. to better accommodate individuals who cannot attend daytime programs as a result of employment, school or child care conflicts but need a higher level of clinical support. Qualified clinicians provide a supportive therapeutic environment offering crisis management, intensive therapy, didactic groups, psychodynamic and educational groups.

The program addresses mental health and substance abuse recovery issues through a variety of inter-disciplinary modalities. Treatment is provided through... Continue reading →