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What Is Binge Drinking?

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Binge drinking is a specific manner of consuming alcohol that can indicate abuse. The medical community advises both men and women to consume alcohol on a moderate basis. This means a maximum of seven alcoholic beverages for women during any given week, and 14 beverages a week for men. Binge drinkers might exceed these limitations in a single night. Men and women alike are prone to binging, which can raise their blood alcohol concentration past the legal limit in a matter of minutes. The body cannot properly metabolize this volume of alcohol, and binging can lead to dangerous circumstances. Since alcohol impairs a person’s ability to accurately assess his or her coordination, mental acuity, and reaction times, binging can lead to poor decisions, such as driving while drunk.

Binge drinking is not a harmless activity. If you know someone with binge problems, call Las Encinas Hospital at (888) 348-2165. Our experienced staff provides chemical dependency treatment options for individuals in the Los Angeles and Pasadena area.