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Las Encinas Hospital - Providing Exceptional Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Care in Pasadena

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Las Encinas Hospital and Recovery Center in Pasadena, California is committed to providing exceptional care and compassion by partnering with individuals who have mental health and substance abuse disorders through a recovery-oriented, empathic, and compassionate approach to total wellness Las Encinas provides the support that patients need to reduce symptoms and acclimate to routine, daily life. Each specialized program is focused on the patient's ability not just to live, but to enjoy living.

Las Encinas Hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and holds the LPS designation in California.

Las Encinas Hospital Accolades and Reviews

Named as a Top performer for hospital-based, inpatient psychiatric care two years in a row by the Joint Commission, Las Encinas Hospital continues to receive positive reviews by medical organizations and patients alike. Las Encinas Hospital is a member of the California Hospital Association, Hospital Association of Southern California, and the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems.

Las Encinas Hospital is also proud to be involved with many prestigious mental health organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous.

Las Encinas Hospital Staff

All of the medical staff of Las Encinas is highly qualified and required to meet a series of standard medical staff requirements. This is how we ensure that the care we provide is of the highest quality and standard. The current administrative staff of Las Encinas Hospital carries a long tenure in the field of mental and behavioral health.

Tom Mahle, Chief Executive Officer, is a leader in Behavioral Health for over 30 years, holding multiple leadership roles in the private and public sector. Having served on multiple community Board of Director dedicated to improving Mental Health in the community, Mr. Mahle is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery for all psychiatric patients.

Medical Director, Daniel Suzuki, M.D., has worked in private practice at San Marino Psychiatric Associates and has been active on the medical staff at Las Encinas for the last 30 years. Dr. Suzuki has also held directorship positions with Acute Care Unit and Ingleside Psychiatric Hospital. He previously served as active medical staff at Huntington Hospital, Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, San Gabriel Medical Center, and Ingleside Hospital.

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Las Encinas History

Las Encinas Hospital and Recovery Center has been serving Pasadena and the surrounding area for more than 100 years, by offering a wide range of mental health care services related to psychiatric and chemical-dependency issues.

Discover the Las Encinas difference.