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Understanding How Meth Affects Your Brain

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Methamphetamine, or meth, is an extremely dangerous drug that can lead to addiction after a single use. A primary reason why meth is so highly addictive is because it changes the way the brain perceives enjoyment. The drug prevents users from experiencing joy, save for when they are high. This creates an overwhelming desire to continue using meth. A meth addiction can also cause extensive brain damage. It elicits several adverse behaviors, including mistrust of and volatile behavior toward others. It may cause hallucinations in addicts as well. As meth prompts these dangerous activities, it also destroys the brain’s essential processes. Critical functions such as remembering facts and learning new information become more difficult when the brain has been exposed to meth.

If you or a loved one is using methamphetamine, seek professional help as soon as possible. Las Encinas Hospital offers comprehensive addiction services, including dual diagnosis treatment, for those with chemical dependency problems. Call our Pasadena facility at (888) 348-2165 to schedule an appointment.