College Student Mental Health Program

The Las Encinas Student Restore to Wellness Program is a rapid stabilization treatment model for college students who require psychiatric or substance abuse interventions in a hospital, Partial Hospital (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) settings.   

Key features of this program: 

  • A multidisciplinary, individualized treatment plan ensuring a successful reintegration into the academic setting 
  • Collaboration in continuity of care with on-going clinical support between the hospital  and critical college personnel including Campus Counseling, Student Affairs, Residence Life, Athletics and Campus Safety 
  • A clinician experienced in crisis intervention with students and  working  with college systems, will provide support from admission to discharge 
  • Coordination with student’s support network including college systems, families and outpatient treatment team to ensure a successful return to campus life or home with family 

When students experience severe symptoms requiring a higher level of care, the Student Restore to Wellness Program offers a full continuum of services for students who may be suffering from:

  • Bipolar/Mood Disorders 
  • Thought Disorders 
  • Anxiety Related Disorders 
  • Substance Abuse and Dependence 
  • Self-Harm Behaviors 
  • Suicidal/Homicidal Ideations 
  • Personality Disorders 

Each student in treatment will receive:

  • Sessions with Psychiatrist and Individual Therapist experienced with young adults 
  • Medication Management and Education 
  • Medically Supervised Detoxification and Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse and Dependence, if indicated 
  • Case management and utilization review with student health plans and other insurances 
  • Structured Inpatient Group Therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Process-Oriented Groups focused on topics such as stigma reduction, symptom education, emotional regulation, life skills, mindfulness and anxiety reduction 
  • Case-Management with Coordination of Return to Campus or Medical Leave of Absence 
  • Family Support and Education 
  • Discharge Planning including transition to PHP-IOP for Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis and Chemical Dependency 

For more information about these services, please call 626-356-2645.