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The Risks of Methamphetamine Abuse During Pregnancy

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Methamphetamine is a very dangerous and highly addictive substance that leads to significant and possibly permanent side effects for the user. However, if that user happens to be pregnant, the child will suffer as well. Methamphetamine crosses through the placental barrier, resulting in prenatal exposure to the child. The drug tends to cause low birth weight, premature delivery, and placental abruption.

When the child is born, doctors are likely to notice abnormalities or defects of the heart and brain. As the child grows older, parents or guardians will likely observe neurobehavioral problems. Meth use during pregnancy has been linked to increased stress, anxiety, moodiness, and depression. The child is at a higher risk of being diagnosed with attention and aggression issues, similar to those found in kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These issues often interfere with a child’s academic and social success.

If someone you know is abusing methamphetamine while pregnant, it’s imperative for her to undergo addiction treatment right away. For information about addiction treatment in Pasadena, call Las Encinas Hospital at (888) 348-2165.