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Las Encinas Hospital, located in Pasadena, California, is proud to provide top quality psychiatric care through specialized programs that fit the unique needs of our patients. We are committed to enhancing our comprehensive programs based on the many customer reviews and testimonials that we receive from both current and former participants. Our staff welcomes all open and honest feedback so that we can continue to make Las Encinas Hospital the best possible treatment option for you or your loved one. Your comfort, your happiness, and your overall experience in our facility and among our specialized staff is important to us. Read the below to see what former patients have to say about the great quality care they received at Las Encinas Hospital.

"This in the type of place that is a step above and beyond. Recently had a chance to meet the staff and check out their facilities, not to mention the calming atmosphere. Their philosophy is a bit of eastern and western ideas coming together and their treatment programs seem quite impressive, working to help one deal with underlying issues rather than training one with coping skills. Different people learn and build in different ways and this can help achieve that.
Former Patient
Thank you Jeff for all of your help getting through some real difficult times. You take the extra time and really care about the clients you work with.  All the staff at Las Encinas are wonderful and I would highly recommend this Hospital for mental health and addiction treatment!
Mike M.
"I’ve been addicted to cocaine my entire adult life. It was hard to avoid, because it was everywhere where I lived. Parties, social events, you name it. Until I went to Las Encinas Hospital, I had no clue how bad it was. Without the help of my "new" friends, at this place, I don't know where I would be."
J. M.
First I'd like to thank all the staff here for helping me save my life. Came here for help and got it. Stayed at Briar and attended groups and therapy. Best place for me. Thanks Cheryl and Jesse you had faith in me and that gave me strength. LONG LIVE BRIAR.... 25 DAYS SOBER....
Don M.
"It has been 31 months and counting since the last time I remember that awful feeling and need of what almost beat me and destroyed my life. I am proud and thankful to the staff at Las Encinas Hospital (my family & friends ) for helping me beat the addiction that had taken over me for many years without any turning back. Many times , I felt helpless, worthless and didn’t even want to be around the people who are so special in my life. During my time in rehab, I felt as if a new beginning and a second chance at life was given to me and that there will never be a turning back, after attending different treatment centers in my hometown of Boston, Mass, without any positive results and without any real help, My wife finally reached out and found this great place ( Los Angeles ) away from home where the beginning to my new found self started. I can finally enjoy my wife, kids, family and friends who stood by me every step of the way. I also wanted to take the time to say “ Thank You “ to my far away family at Las Encinas for giving me the support, the treatment and most importantly for giving me again the chance to live sober."
Former Patient
"This program SAVED MY LIFE!!!! I can't imagine what my life would've been without their help, support and care. They were always there for me and helped me get thru some of the toughest times in my life. Now, I enjoy m life with my wife, daughters, family and dog"
Aside from that they have great facilities and a very dedicated staff. They have a team that works with you one on one and addresses your specific needs, whatever those may be. The surrounding and atmosphere is very calming too. Of course this isn't cheap but it will likely be life changing. If you are considering treatment, it would be highly recommended to stop by here and take a tour and talk to some of the people to see if this would be a great fit."
Former Patient
I was a patient there in 2009 . I truly surrendered to my addiction with a open mind and heart. The staff there are very compassionate and mindful and they truly care . I was cared for in the Nash area and I am truly grateful for the care a support with the knowledge they provided . Along with myself and my entire family are grateful and thankful cause it does effect the whole entire family. Thank you.
Julia M.
Every single staff member are gifted 
individuals that help try to save every single lunatic that walks through these doors. Never have I seen or heard of any stories like the ones posted here. 

The Doctors, especially my Doctor, the marvelous Dr. Warren Christianson is the BOMB! he and other staff ( CJ,Jeff,Cole) have help to free me from the bondage of mental illness and drug addiction. 

Las Encinas is beautiful, safe, and effective
The Briar House/Recovery Treatment Center saved my life, I walked through the doors of Las Encinas Hospital a broken lost man. This was my first time ever in treatment and I would highly recommend it for anyone that really wants help and learn how to recover and stay sober. Jeff really cares for everyone who wants help and wants to get better to feel better in sobriety. The nursing staff is great and the program counselors are very well educated and informed in recovery and addictions and are all recovering addicts. I owe my life to Briar...
Steven S.
This place saved my life. I came here to detox from alcohol, and checked into the briar unit, which is a bubble of peace surrounded by a wonderful caring staff.
Mike R