When Moderate Drinking Signals a Larger Problem

January 6, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Do you worry that perhaps you drink too much or too often? While every person has his own tolerance threshold, some signs can indicate that your drinking habits may be leading to more serious addiction consequences. By keeping in mind the following factors that frequently point to an alcohol... Continue reading →

Alcohol-Alternative Drinks for New Year’s Celebrations

January 6, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Don’t let a DUI put a damper on your New Year’s Eve celebration. You can still cheer on 2014 with delicious and alcohol-free cocktails this December 31. This video offers tips on how to create delectable nonalcoholic drinks for New Year’s Eve.

If you want to partake in some fruity rum... Continue reading →

How Drug Addiction Affects the Brain

January 6, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Some individuals might assume that stopping a drug addiction is as easy as making the decision to do so. What they do not realize is how substance abuse can change the way the brain functions, making it increasingly difficult to cease drug activities without professional help. The following... Continue reading →

Helping Your Teenager Cope with Addiction

January 6, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Helping Your Teenager Cope with Addiction Has your college freshman or sophomore been displaying strange behaviors lately? Are you worried that he might be addicted to drugs or alcohol? Addiction during the teen years can be especially difficult, as your child’s college friends may be... Continue reading →

Steps to Take Following Substance Abuse Treatment

January 6, 2017 Posted in: Announcement

Substance abuse treatment can help you break free from addiction, but living sober is a lifelong commitment. It demands that you put into place actions to help you remain resolute when the pull of addiction is strong. The following steps can help you avoid circumstances that may make you... Continue reading →

Understanding Alcohol Abuse among Women

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

Alcohol abuse is not a man’s disease. Over five million women in America are considered to be heavy drinkers whose alcohol consumption habits are life-threating. Are you a woman who is concerned about how much you’re drinking, or are you worried that a woman in your life could be struggling with... Continue reading →

Alumni Services at Las Encinas Hospital

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

The psychiatrists and medical staff at Las Encinas Hospital are proud to offer the finest in quality healthcare and support to patients suffering from addiction or other psychiatric illnesses. We understand, however, that our role as a support system for our patients does not end when they leave... Continue reading →

Why Is Cocaine Addictive?

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

Cocaine and other commonly abused substances are highly addictive because they affect the brain. The use of cocaine impairs a person’s judgment. It also triggers the “reward” center of the brain, which means that the individual is much more likely to use cocaine again.

Hear about one study... Continue reading →

Exploring Common Relapse Triggers to Avoid After Your Treatment

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction does not happen overnight. Even after you complete substance abuse treatment, the work is not over. You have to learn to re-engage with the world without using the drugs or alcohol that you once relied on. Relapsing doesn’t mean that you can’t ever stop... Continue reading →

What Is a Functioning Alcoholic?

November 23, 2016 Posted in: Press Release

Addiction is an extremely complex illness that can take a variety of forms. Functional alcoholism is a form of alcoholism in which the sufferer is not physically dependent on alcohol, but may be emotionally dependent on the substance.

This video provides more information about functional... Continue reading →