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A Look at Alcohol Abuse Among Women

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Alcohol abuse among women is a growing problem that is often overlooked. According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol abuse causes the deaths of 23,000 women and girls annually. And in one survey involving 278,000 women, it was found that one in eight women binge drink. Some researchers believe that women are becoming more susceptible to this substance abuse problem because they may see alcohol use as a coping mechanism for stress.

For more information on these alarming studies, watch this video. This news clip explains how alcohol affects women differently than men, including increased risks of certain cancers and brain damage. This video also discusses which types of women and girls are more likely to binge-drink.

At Aurora Las Encinas Hospital, we recognize that alcohol addiction is a disease that requires medical help. We invite Pasadena area residents to speak with a substance abuse professional by calling (888) 348-2165.