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A Look at the Risk Factors for Alcohol Abuse

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Alcoholism is a disease characterized by the continued use of alcohol even after it has caused social, emotional, physical, or financial problems. In addition, many people abuse alcohol, even if they are not yet physically dependent on it. Alcohol addiction is typically a problem that develops over time. The following risk factors may make it more likely for a person to abuse alcohol.

Family History

Studies have shown that people with a family history of alcohol abuse are more likely to abuse alcohol themselves. Having a family history of alcohol abuse could mean having an alcoholic parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle. Men appear to be more susceptible to this risk factor than women.

Personal History

People who abuse alcohol are more likely to abuse other substances. For example, an alcoholic may also be addicted to nicotine, prescription medications, or illegal drugs.

Mental Health Issues

Mental health and psychological issues have been found to play a role in the risk of alcohol dependence. Those who exhibit impulsivity, display aggression, have a low tolerance for frustration, or feel personally inadequate may be more likely to abuse alcohol. Those with diagnosed mental conditions, such as anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and personality disorders are also at a higher risk.

Environmental Factors

Cultural and social norms can affect a person’s perceptions of alcohol. For example, a person who lives in a community or area in which alcohol is commonly used in social situations is more likely to have a problem with alcohol. Likewise, a person whose peer groups frequently consume alcohol is more likely to follow suit.

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