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Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings: Triggers & Coping Strategies

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

An estimated 2.3 million Americans struggle with bipolar disorder every year. This significant condition is hard to manage and can make it difficult to function.

To help family members or friends... Continue reading →

Anxiety’s Impact on Frustration and Anger

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

When it goes unchecked, anxiety can lead to much more than just feelings of nervousness or fear. If these emotions go on long enough without proper management or treatment, they may eventually turn into more... Continue reading →

Ways to Manage Schizophrenia

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Although it is one of the rarest mental health conditions in the country, schizophrenia still affects millions of Americans every year. This debilitating disorder can lead to paranoia, delusions,... Continue reading →

The Risk Factors, Effects on the Brain, and Signs of Substance Abuse

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Every year, millions of people struggle with substance abuse from alcohol, drugs, and other substances. These disorders can have long-lasting effects on a person’s physical and emotional state.

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How to Reconnect When Managing Depression

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Depression affects more than 6.8 million people across the United States on average. This mental health condition leads... Continue reading →

Chemical Dependency: When to Get Help

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

As time goes on, more people are struggling with chemical dependency and other mental health concerns. Major impacts such as the global pandemic have affected individuals in numerous ways, which has led... Continue reading →

What Are the Signs of a Mental Breakdown?

May 24, 2022 Posted in: News Release

People all over the nation are constantly faced with traumatic events, accidents, and other instances that could negatively impact their mental health.

According to... Continue reading →

Causes & Symptoms of Psychological Trauma

May 23, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Accidents, illness, and the death of a loved one are only a few of the causes that could lead to psychological trauma. As people face heartbreak or highly stressful situations, they feel major emotions... Continue reading →

What to do When Someone is Suicidal

May 23, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Do you have a friend or family member who is having suicidal thoughts? There are many reasons why someone might be feeling these heavy emotions, but there are also many ways to help them in their time of... Continue reading →

Ways to Help Someone with PTSD

May 23, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Back during World War II in the early 1940s, post-traumatic stress disorder wasn’t a diagnosable condition. Instead, it was known by names like shell shock, battle shock, combat fatigue, war neurosis, and... Continue reading →