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How Chronic Alcohol Abuse Shifts the Brain’s Behavior Control

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

A common misconception regarding alcohol abuse stems from the belief that an individual can simply stop if he so wished. However, recent studies indicate that changes in the brain often suppress desire restraint when a person is addicted to alcohol. Research has shown that the longer a person abuses alcohol, the stronger the impulse is to continue that behavior. This side effect of addiction develops due to alterations in the part of the brain that control habits. As a result, the need to continue one’s alcohol consumption grows stronger with time. Complicating this change is a lessened ability to refrain from engaging in base impulses and utilize critical thinking when addiction is present.

Las Encinas Hospital can help you or your loved one regain control from the hold of... Continue reading →

Finding the Support You Need to Cope with Prescription Drug Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Many of the people who abuse prescription drugs never had the intention to do so. If you too started taking prescription drugs for a legitimate medical problem, you may be wondering how you developed an addition to them. You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from this form of chemical dependency. However, help is available. Substance abuse treatment centers can cater to the specific needs of those with prescription drug problems. Key to receiving this help is reaching out to a facility. If you feel unable to do so, talk to a trusted family member or friend. Having a confidant can provide the strength you need to seek outside assistance for your condition. Close loved ones can also help attend to your household responsibilities and other duties as you get the help you deserve.... Continue reading →

Signs Binge Drinking Has Turned Into an Alcohol Problem

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Is your Friday night tradition going to the bar to drink away your week of workplace worries? When you go out with friends, do you normally wake up on one of their couches because you were too intoxicated to drive home? These regular events might point to a binge-triggered alcohol problem. Addiction experts cite that even one night of drinking three, four, or more alcoholic beverages can indicate an alcohol addiction. Binge drinking that interferes with the rest of your weekly activities can also reflect a problem. If your drinking causes you to miss out on opportunities to spend quality time with your friends or family, or if it hampers your ability to attend to your job responsibilities, it may be time to speak with an addiction counselor.

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Items to Pack for Drug Rehab

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Drug rehabilitation offers a chance for you to break the hold of addiction. This process is done in a facility that maximizes privacy and security for all patients. Those who undergo drug rehab often live in residences that contain the comforts of home, including beds and laundry services. Therefore, you need only bring personal items that can help you remain safe and at ease during your stay. Upon the approval of your substance abuse treatment counselor, you can bring personal hygiene items that are free of alcohol. You are also encouraged to pack casual clothing and nightwear. Prior to readying yourself for drug rehab, consult your counselor about the number of bags that you can bring for the duration of your rehabilitation. You should make sure to have all contact and insurance... Continue reading →

A Look at the Relationship Between Depression and Substance Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

The relationship between depression and substance abuse often demands that sufferers receive dual diagnosis treatment. These conditions present at the same time due to a myriad of reasons. Depression can cause those who suffer from it to seek relief in drugs or alcohol. They may find that when they drink, smoke, or inject a particular substance, it can dull the uncomfortable feelings that depression produces. The longer they go without seeking appropriate treatment for their depression, the more likely that they will develop a chemical dependency problem as well. In some cases, a substance abuse problem can precede the onset of depression. The consumption of both depressants and stimulants can trigger the beginning of depression, as those who use them can experience significant... Continue reading →

A Look at the Addictive Process In the Body

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Addiction changes multiple aspects of a person’s life, including their physical, emotional, and social health. In particular, it can make an addict physically dependent on his drug of choice. The following information on the addictive process can help to explain why extricating oneself from addiction requires comprehensive support from both loved ones and medical specialists to overcome the body’s reliance on drugs.

Pleasurable High

Many people begin taking drugs because they elicit an enjoyable response. Though this response may stem from chemical reactions in the brain, the rest of the body also reacts to the presence of the drug. The nature of the response depends on the type of drug that an addict consumes.... Continue reading →

The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Drug and alcohol abuse is often approached with a dual-diagnosis strategy to address both addiction and mental health disorders. This method is highly successful for long-term treatment, because drug use and mental health problems are closely intertwined. Here is a closer look at this complex relationship that may be affecting you or a loved one.

Two-way causation

Personality changes and problems in an individual’s personal life may be the result of drug abuse or a mental disorder, so a dual-diagnosis is the best approach to flesh out the roots of the problem. Drug abuse can make a person more at-risk for a mental disorder. Alternatively, disorders such as depression can lead to increased substance abuse with drugs ranging from alcohol to heroin.

Worsening mental... Continue reading →

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Alcoholism

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Alcoholism may be fueled by a number of emotional or mental problems, but some people tend to have more addictive personalities. Evidence for this has been seen in patients of gastric bypass surgery.

As this video explains, the difficulties following surgery may lead patients to consume alcohol instead of relying on food as a crutch for stress relief. The problem is compounded by the increased physically addictive qualities of alcohol on individuals who have had their anatomy so dramatically altered.

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Prescription Drug Overdoses Among Women

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

The United States is facing a drug epidemic among female Americans. This video reports on how prescription drugs are contributing to a skyrocketing rate of medication overdoses.

Studies indicate that women are vulnerable to prescription drug overdoses for several reasons. First, women are more willing to speak with a medical professional when they experience painful conditions, such as migraine headaches. Second, to address these problems, doctors typically prescribe pain medication. Yet some women may increase the frequency with which they take these drugs to find greater pain relief. Others may get prescriptions from multiple doctors, which can also heighten the risk of overdose.

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Prescription Drug Abuse In the U.S. Military

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

The face of addiction can be seen in all demographics and socioeconomic groups. As this video explains, even those in the military can succumb to chemical dependency.

Members of the military may not abuse street drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but statistics indicate that approximately one-fifth of them depend upon prescription drugs. Some military members become addicted after suffering injuries that warrant pain-killing medications. Others use it to mask painful emotions from their past. No matter the reason, easy access to prescription drugs through medical centers and street dealers is contributing to rising addiction rates.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, Las Encinas Hospital can help. To find out more about our chemical dependency... Continue reading →