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Helping Your Adolescent Navigate the Summer

July 20, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

As summer break from school begins, and the world continues to open up after the pandemic, many teens are struggling to adapt to “life as normal”. Teenagers... Continue reading →

What Parents Should Know and Can Do to Support Their Child's Treatment in Pasadena, CA

July 19, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

When you’re watching a child struggle with mental health, their care and recovery is your top concern. At Las Encinas Recovery Center we understand this. We know you want to remain in... Continue reading →

Pandemic Effects: Summer 2021- Safe and Fun Activities for the Family

July 16, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

School is out, warm weather is here, and more and more people are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations. The feeling of “normal” is slowly coming back to our communities. But many of... Continue reading →

Pandemic Effects: Social Anxiety

July 16, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

The pandemic disrupted every aspect of our lives. On their own, each of these changes might have been small. Shifting to remote work was challenging, for example. So were the... Continue reading →

How Social Media Can Affect Mental Health

January 19, 2021 Posted in: Announcement

Many teenagers and young adults spend more time than they should on social media, and a quick notification check can quickly turn into a half-hour of mindless scrolling... Continue reading →

How to Combat Seasonal Depression This Year During COVID-19

December 14, 2020 Posted in: News Release

The winter months can be a tough time for people who face mental health challenges. The days are shorter, and winter weather means that people spend less time outdoors and... Continue reading →

Improving Behavioral Health with Trauma-Informed Care

November 1, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Trauma can impact anyone, and often, a person experiences the effects of trauma for years after the event occurs. Ongoing symptoms of trauma can include a general lack of trust with others,... Continue reading →

Taking an Active Role in National Suicide Prevention Week

October 1, 2020 Posted in: News Release

National Suicide Prevention Week occurs each year in September and includes... Continue reading →

Doing Your Part for National Suicide Prevention Week

October 1, 2020 Posted in: News Release

Each year, tens of thousands of people in the US die from suicide, and more than a million Americans attempt suicide. Suicide deeply impacts a person’s entire... Continue reading →

Engage During National Recovery Month 2020

September 20, 2020 Posted in: News Release

September is National Recovery Month, and it is a time to recognize the... Continue reading →