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Why Alcohol Abuse Is Growing Among Seniors

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Substance abuse treatment centers are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of older Americans addicted to alcohol. This video discusses the issue of senior alcohol abuse.

The concentration of seniors who abuse alcohol may be caused by several factors. First, many seniors were also dependent on alcohol during their younger adulthood. Some older Americans may abuse beer or spirits because of physical ailments that alcohol consumption seems to alleviate. Others might consume alcohol in excess because of an emotional relationship to liquor or beer.

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A Look at the Risk Factors for Alcohol Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Alcoholism is a disease characterized by the continued use of alcohol even after it has caused social, emotional, physical, or financial problems. In addition, many people abuse alcohol, even if they are not yet physically dependent on it. Alcohol addiction is typically a problem that develops over time. The following risk factors may make it more likely for a person to abuse alcohol.

Family History

Studies have shown that people with a family history of alcohol abuse are more likely to abuse alcohol themselves. Having a family history of alcohol abuse could mean having an alcoholic parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle. Men appear to be more susceptible to this risk factor than women.

Personal History

People who abuse alcohol are more likely to abuse... Continue reading →

What to Ask When Considering a Rehab Program

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Drug abuse is a complex and chronic illness. Although the initial choice to take drugs may be voluntary, addiction can make it seem like stopping is not an option, even when the drug use causes unpleasant consequences. Seeking treatment and rehabilitation for addiction is the first step in living a healthier, happier life. If you or a loved one is ready to enter treatment for chemical dependency, there are a few important questions you should ask. Knowing the answers to these questions will ensure that your choice of addiction recovery program is right for your needs. Las Encinas Hospital offers a variety of programs to address the individual needs of each patient, including treatment for dual diagnoses. Please take a look at this informative infographic and share it with your family... Continue reading →

How to Talk to a Loved One Who Suffers from Alcohol Addiction

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

People who suffer from alcohol addiction often require outside intervention to change their lifestyle. With your help, you can give your loved one insight into how his or her choices is adversely affecting not only his or her own life, but also the lives of those closest to your loved one. It’s likely that your loved one won’t want to listen to you, or will deny that there is a problem. However, in the long run, your persistence and patience will pay off when your loved one realizes the need for substance abuse treatment.

Choose a Time for the Conversation

Choosing an appropriate time to talk to your loved one can make all the difference in the results of the conversation. Although you may be tempted to talk to your loved one about his or her substance abuse right away,... Continue reading →

How to Spot Drug Abuse in Older Adults

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Although many believe that drug abuse is primarily a problem among the younger generations, healthcare professionals have noted a rising trend in substance abuse among older adults. Chemical dependency in this age group is of particular concern because a slowed metabolism increases the effects and older adults are more likely to have underlying medical conditions. Substance abuse among older adults may also include the misuse of legitimately prescribed medications. Here’s a look at some of the possible indicators of chemical dependency in this age group:

Alteration in Mental State

Make a note of whether your loved one displays symptoms of an altered mental or emotional state. Anxiety and confusion are possible indicators, as are a loss of memory and problems with... Continue reading →

The Impact of Drugs on Nutrition

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Some people with substance abuse problems believe that their dependency does not affect their overall wellbeing. On the contrary, drugs impact the body’s core processes—including the body’s ability to take in nutrients and use them for normal function. This impaired operation often causes physical, mental, and emotional issues to which an addict might respond with a more urgent pursuit of drugs. This continuing pattern can eventually prompt significant nutritional deficiencies, which only addiction treatmentcanproperly address.

Detrimental Eating Habits

Chemical dependency can negatively impact a person’s appetite, causing him to eat far less than is considered a healthy amount. Some people might... Continue reading →

Different Types of Prescription Drug Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

When many people think of the term “substance abuse,” illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana often come to mind. However, many different prescription drugs also have the potential for abuse and addiction, even if they were appropriately prescribed. Quite often, a patient will use a prescription medication as directed initially, and then begin to take too much of the drug or take it for a longer period than appropriate. Physical dependence and addiction can be the result. The three most commonly abused prescription drugs in the U.S. are opioids, depressants, and stimulants.


When over-the-counter pain relievers are insufficient, a doctor may prescribe an opioid. These include oxycodone, codeine, fentanyl, and a combination of hydrocodone and... Continue reading →

Defining Alcoholism and the Importance of Seeking Treatment

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Many people enjoy alcoholic beverages from time to time, while others drink frequently but in moderation. There are significant differences between the occasional or moderate use of alcohol and alcoholism. If you have a substance abuse problem, it’s important to seek addiction treatment sooner rather than later. With professional help, you can reclaim your life and overcome your addiction. Keep reading to learn what alcoholism is and the complications that can result from it.


There are different levels or types of alcohol abuse. If you’re a heavy drinker, it means that you typically drink more than two alcoholic beverages daily if you’re a man or one alcoholic beverage daily if you’re a woman. Alcohol abuse refers to the excessive, regular consumption of... Continue reading →

Coping with Withdrawal During Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

If you’ve been consuming large amounts of alcohol for a long time, you may experience alcohol withdrawal syndrome if you suddenly stop drinking or significantly reduce your consumption. Withdrawal symptoms can worsen rapidly, so it’s important to seek addiction treatment at a detoxification facility. Your substance abuse treatment plan will include therapies to help you cope with the effects of withdrawal. After your withdrawal, you’ll work with a counselor to overcome your addiction.

Detoxification Medications

At a substance abuse treatment center, you’ll receive medications that lessen the effects of withdrawal. Medications such as benzodiazepines reduce effects like anxiety and shakiness, and also lessen the likelihood of seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). Depending... Continue reading →

Answering Common Questions About Substance Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Substance abuse refers to the inappropriate use of any substances intended to alter behavior or mood. These substances can include alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine. A person who is abusing a substance typically uses regularly and to excess, and he or she suffers from physical, social, and emotional side effects as a result of that substance abuse.

What Are the Indicators of Substance Abuse?

If you are concerned that a family member or friend could be engaging in substance abuse, there are numerous signs to watch out for. The physical effects can vary, but generally include a breakdown in personal hygiene and physical appearance. Users may not eat well or maintain normal sleeping patterns. Your loved one might often wear... Continue reading →