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Different Types of Prescription Drug Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

When many people think of the term “substance abuse,” illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana often come to mind. However, many different prescription drugs also have the potential for abuse and addiction, even if they were appropriately prescribed. Quite often, a patient will use a prescription medication as directed initially, and then begin to take too much of the drug or take it for a longer period than appropriate. Physical dependence and addiction can be the result. The three most commonly abused prescription drugs in the U.S. are opioids, depressants, and stimulants.


When over-the-counter pain relievers are insufficient, a doctor may prescribe an opioid. These include oxycodone, codeine, fentanyl, and a combination of hydrocodone and... Continue reading →

Defining Alcoholism and the Importance of Seeking Treatment

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Many people enjoy alcoholic beverages from time to time, while others drink frequently but in moderation. There are significant differences between the occasional or moderate use of alcohol and alcoholism. If you have a substance abuse problem, it’s important to seek addiction treatment sooner rather than later. With professional help, you can reclaim your life and overcome your addiction. Keep reading to learn what alcoholism is and the complications that can result from it.


There are different levels or types of alcohol abuse. If you’re a heavy drinker, it means that you typically drink more than two alcoholic beverages daily if you’re a man or one alcoholic beverage daily if you’re a woman. Alcohol abuse refers to the excessive, regular consumption of... Continue reading →

Coping with Withdrawal During Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

If you’ve been consuming large amounts of alcohol for a long time, you may experience alcohol withdrawal syndrome if you suddenly stop drinking or significantly reduce your consumption. Withdrawal symptoms can worsen rapidly, so it’s important to seek addiction treatment at a detoxification facility. Your substance abuse treatment plan will include therapies to help you cope with the effects of withdrawal. After your withdrawal, you’ll work with a counselor to overcome your addiction.

Detoxification Medications

At a substance abuse treatment center, you’ll receive medications that lessen the effects of withdrawal. Medications such as benzodiazepines reduce effects like anxiety and shakiness, and also lessen the likelihood of seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). Depending... Continue reading →

Answering Common Questions About Substance Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Substance abuse refers to the inappropriate use of any substances intended to alter behavior or mood. These substances can include alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine. A person who is abusing a substance typically uses regularly and to excess, and he or she suffers from physical, social, and emotional side effects as a result of that substance abuse.

What Are the Indicators of Substance Abuse?

If you are concerned that a family member or friend could be engaging in substance abuse, there are numerous signs to watch out for. The physical effects can vary, but generally include a breakdown in personal hygiene and physical appearance. Users may not eat well or maintain normal sleeping patterns. Your loved one might often wear... Continue reading →

Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Alcohol abuse causes pain to all those who encounter it. When a person abuses alcohol, he will eventually cause harm not only to himself, but to his friends and family. Knowing how to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse could potentially prevent a dangerous event and even save lives. If you find the following symptoms in a friend, family member, or coworker, you must speak up and encourage the addict to get help.Substance abuse treatment is essential for quitting the cycle of alcohol abuse and working toward a sober future.

Engaging in Illegal Activities

An alcohol abuse problem does not necessarily involve stealing money from others to buy alcohol. Instead, alcoholism might present itself as regular drinking and driving. While some people might assume that being a... Continue reading →

A Look at Why Teens Are So Susceptible to Addiction

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Many adult addictions begin during the teenage years. While some individuals may attribute this fact to the desire of teens to experiment with drugs or test the boundaries of authority, it may have more to do with the chemical makeup of adolescent brains and the way in which it encourages substance abuse. Only by spreading awareness of why teens can fall victim to addiction can parents, friends, and other loved ones help them avoid the pitfalls of chemical dependency that may extend into adulthood.

Vulnerability to Mental Illness

Many teens must contend with a long list of stress factors, including academic performance, social standing, appearance, and home life. Studies indicate that teenagers may feel more acutely the effects of anxiety than adults. As an escape from... Continue reading →

Identifying Subtle Signs of Addiction

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

Are you worried about a loved one? Do you suspect that he is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? Individuals with addiction issues often take steps to hide their behavior from friends and family. However, if a loved one has this problem, you may be able to detect it by observing the following subtle signs.

Recluse Tendencies

In their attempts to conceal their addiction, some people may physically withdraw from situations so as to avoid the questions and concerns of those that love them. For instance, an addict may suddenly decline to attend the birthday parties and other gatherings of good friends. A family member may spend an inordinate amount of time in his bedroom. To spend more time getting high or attaining drugs, addicts may also skip activities in which they... Continue reading →

What to Expect from Your First AA Meeting

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

What to Expect from Your First AA Meeting If you have never attended an AA meeting, you may be feeling some anxiety over what you should expect. There are many misconceptions perpetuated by television and film about what happens in meetings, and media often portrays them as negative experiences.

Before the meeting begins, you will have a chance to socialize, pour a cup of coffee, or find a seat. The meeting will typically start with a prayer or private reflection followed by a brief discussion of literature for the program. Newcomers are given an opportunity to introduce themselves, but this is not mandatory. After this point, the meeting material is unique to the particular session, typically following a particular theme or step in the program.

If you are ready to take the... Continue reading →

A Look at the Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

When prescription drugs are used as advised, they can provide relief from a variety of medical ills. However, these powerful medications can become highly addictive when users deviate from their prescription recommendations. Ritalin and Adderall, two types of amphetamines, can help to control the symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Because of their ability to temporarily increase focus and alertness in users, some people may abuse these amphetamines to perform better while at school or in the workplace. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, which may be the reason why so many people form addictions to popular painkiller medications such as Demerol and Oxycodone. Yet the anxiety drug Xanax is responsible for more drug addictions than any other type of... Continue reading →

Transitioning Back to Life as a Student After Rehab

March 23, 2017 Posted in: Press Release

College can facilitate drug and alcohol abuse problems for many students. If you have already gone through substance abuse treatment and are now preparing to return to school, you may have some apprehension about what lies ahead. Preparing for this transition can help you successfully navigate the drug and alcohol pitfalls that college can bring. For one, create a schedule that focuses on fulfilling pastimes. Make sure that these hobbies include individuals who will not encourage drug or alcohol usage. Two, establish a relationship with sponsor prior to resuming your college life. By having someone available to talk you through your more difficult moments, you can successfully manage trying situations. You may also want to consider continuing your substance abuse treatment services on... Continue reading →