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A Look at the Addictive Process In the Body

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Addiction changes multiple aspects of a person’s life, including their physical, emotional, and social health. In particular, it can make an addict physically dependent on his drug of choice. The following information on the addictive process can help to explain why extricating oneself from addiction requires comprehensive support from both loved ones and medical specialists to overcome the body’s reliance on drugs.

Pleasurable High

Many people begin taking drugs because they elicit an enjoyable response. Though this response may stem from chemical reactions in the brain, the rest of the body also reacts to the presence of the drug. The nature of the response depends on the type of drug that an addict consumes. Stimulants can cause the heart to beat faster and breathing to become more rapid. Alternately, depressants can slow inhalation and exhalation and reduce heart rate.

Painful Withdrawal

Regardless of the drug, the body can acclimate to it. Therefore, the longer a person relies on drugs or alcohol, the more accustomed the body becomes to it. When an addict refrains from using a particular chemical, the body can react in adverse ways that increase dependence. The digestive system might respond by provoking bouts of vomiting or diarrhea. Addicts in withdrawal may also complain of aches or pain in their bones. Many people who attempt to stop their addiction may find it difficult to fall asleep as well. Because the effects of withdrawal can be so uncomfortable and disruptive to the lives of addicts, they may believe that continuing their drug use is the only way to maintain a sense of normalcy. This belief can cause addicts to continue their dependence despite the problems that it can cause in all areas of their lives.

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