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Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol abuse causes pain to all those who encounter it. When a person abuses alcohol, he will eventually cause harm not only to himself, but to his friends and family. Knowing how to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse could potentially prevent a dangerous event and even save lives. If you find the following symptoms in a friend, family member, or coworker, you must speak up and encourage the addict to get help.Substance abuse treatment is essential for quitting the cycle of alcohol abuse and working toward a sober future.

Engaging in Illegal Activities

An alcohol abuse problem does not necessarily involve stealing money from others to buy alcohol. Instead, alcoholism might present itself as regular drinking and driving. While some people might assume that being a little tipsy while driving home is of little concern, it is an illegal activity that can lead to a potentially life-threatening situation. Putting one’s drinking needs above the law is a telltale sign of alcohol abuse.

Sacrificing Career Ambitions

Do you know someone who is often absent from work after a night of heavy drinking? This behavior rarely goes unnoticed in the office, and can complicate a person’s ability to advance in his career. Each instance of an individual calling in sick to work or sneaking in late could be an indicator that he is choosing alcohol over his career.

Inflicting Self-Harm

The physical effects of alcohol will eventually catch up with someone who abuses it. If a person is diagnosed with a medical condition, such as cardiovascular disease or cirrhosis, but proceeds to drink as normal, that person could very well be an alcoholic.

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