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How Prescription Drug Abuse Is Fueling a Rise In Heroin Addiction

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The last decade has witnessed a marked rise in heroin usage among Americans. The simultaneous increase in prescription drug consumption has directly influenced this trend in heroin addiction. As the following information highlights, prescription drug abuse can quickly escalate to heroin dependency.

Experimentation with Prescription Drugs

Doctors are prescribing opioids to patients at an extremely high rate. As a result, friends and family members of those with prescriptions have greater access to these drugs. Many of them try these prescription opioids to experience the pleasurable side effects they produce. After a few weeks or months, though, the prescription may run out and they may not be able to afford prescription opioids sold on the street.

Shift from Prescription

Drugs to Heroin In trying to find a way to satisfy their fledgling addiction, many people turn to heroin. This street drug is more readily available to individuals no matter where they live. In comparison to prescription opioids, heroin is also more affordable. Soon enough, individuals who were only experimenting with prescription drugs are now buying heroin from street dealers.

Dependency on Heroin

Heroin can provide a more concentrated dosage of the chemicals that opioid users want. Upon trying heroin for the first time, users may experience a more intense high, which they will then seek to enjoy again in the future. The addictive nature of heroin makes it difficult to attain the same high with the same dosage. To achieve the effect they want, users may consume a higher concentration or dosage of heroin. They may also resort to injecting the drug directly into their bloodstream rather than snort it due to the faster rush of intravenous usage. At this point, an addiction to heroin has often already been formed.

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