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A Family’s Role in Substance Abuse Treatment

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The effects of drug or alcohol abuse are never isolated to the person with the addiction. The families of addicts are tremendously affected by their loved ones’substance abuse. Inadvertently, families can even help extend the cycle of addiction by failing to confront the problem. Just as families play a role when their loved ones are abusing drugs and alcohol, they also figure prominently in rehab and recovery. If someone in your family is getting help for addiction, here are some ways you may be called on to help:

Behavior Evaluation

When your loved one is in a residential substance abuse treatment program, it allows your family time for self-assessment of your own behaviors. Were there things you were doing that enabled the addiction to continue? Can you see any patterns of co-dependency? Have you been so resentful and angry towards the person with the addiction that you contributed to his or her feelings of self-hate? Often, during a substance abuse program, the families of addicts note patterns in their own behaviors that they can adjust to support recovery.

Counseling and Family Education

During your loved one’s addiction treatment program, your family may be asked to participate in counseling sessions and family education programs. The counseling sessions are designed to help your family begin to heal your relationships. The education programs will help you understand ways you can support your loved one as he or she completes residential treatment.

Visitation Time

One of the best ways your family can support your loved one during substance abuse treatment is to simply be present. Attend scheduled visitation times at the treatment facility so your family member knows that you are engaged in his or her recovery. If you’re concerned about a family member’s drug use or alcohol abuse, contact Las Encinas Hospital to learn more about our treatment programs. We’re here to help your whole family come through addiction treatment with a renewed commitment to one another and a chance to start over. Find out more about our chemical dependency treatment program in Pasadena by calling (888) 348-2165.