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Common Misconceptions About Drug Addiction

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Mistaken beliefs abound about drug addiction. Friends, family members, and even addicts themselves may believe these misconceptions, which may make it harder for those with a chemical dependence to seek addiction treatment. The following myths highlight a few of the fallacies that surround drug addiction and treatment for it.

Addiction is a sign of weakness.

Many people believe that an addiction is simply a bad habit that those afflicted by it refuse to give up. However, drug addiction is not the same as nail biting or knuckle cracking. Individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol have a physical dependence on it, which causes them to use it again and again. Studies also indicate that alterations to the brain compel individuals to continue their addictive behaviors despite the damage they can do to their health, careers, and relationships.

Substance abuse treatment can cure addiction.

A person with an addiction requires professional help. An addiction treatment program can address the multiple facets of addiction that a patient must face to recover from his problem. In many cases, substance abuse treatment can also reveal the presence of a mental illness issue that has been contributing to the addiction. Patients who undergo addiction treatment should understand, though, that professional help is only one aspect of recovery.

Addiction is a lifelong condition.

Those that suffer from it must make a daily commitment to pursue a lifestyle to avoid circumstances that may trigger a relapse. Addiction is a voluntary behavior. One of the most widespread misconceptions about addiction is that people choose to indulge in drugs or alcohol. On the contrary, with the onset of addiction, individuals have little power to stop their behavior. Due to the changes it causes to the brain’s makeup, addiction renders those under its influence unable to stop using drugs until professional help is sought.

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