Recovery Center Intervention in Pasadena, CA

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Realizing that a loved one needs help with a substance abuse problem or other mental health issues can be a sobering reality. Deciding that crisis intervention is needed can be overwhelming, but Las Encinas Recovery Center is here to help and heal.

Preparing for an Intervention

A poorly executed crisis intervention can backfire and have detrimental effects rather than being productive. It is best to employ the help of a trained interventionist. Our intervention specialists will help you through the steps of preparing for the intervention. These steps may include, but not be limited to: Developing a strategy Gathering information Forming the intervention team Setting goals Explaining possible outcomes

Conducting the Intervention

During the preparation process, the crisis intervention specialist will stress the importance of communicating in a non-threatening manner. The hope of crisis intervention is to break down the barriers of substance abuse, not put up more walls. Using a professional interventionist will also help keep things on track during the meeting.

Some things you may hope to achieve during the crisis intervention are:

  • Providing specific examples of how their substance abuse is hurting themselves and their loved ones
  • Providing treatment options
  • Defining the roles of the intervention team
  • Highlighting the benefits of getting treatment and leading a sober life

Take That First Step

It is vitally important to be as prepared as possible for a crisis intervention. Contact Las Encinas Recovery Center today to discuss your substance abuse concerns and start gathering the necessary information. Healing can start by taking that first step.