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Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Alcohol Abuse


Do you suspect that your spouse has an alcohol problem? If you have noticed in increase in the number of drinks he has each night or the number of bottles he purchases at the store, you may be right. If his drinking behavior has caused him to become more defensive, agitated, or withdrawn, he may have an abuse or addiction issue. As difficult as it may be to confront your spouse about his problem, to let it go may result only in greater physical and emotional damage to him and your family. The following guidelines can help you approach your spouse about his abusive habits.

Refrain from Accusations

Alcoholic individuals can become hostile about their behavior without provocation. Therefore, try to avoid laying blame on your spouse or making him feel threatened with accusations. Be clear that you come from a place of concern and love for both him and the rest of your family. Give concrete examples of how you have seen his habits change and refrain from letting emotions such as anger or bitterness enter the conversation.

Focus on Positive Changes

The idea of giving up alcohol can be terrifying to an addicted individual even if he proclaims that he can do it. To make the prospect of addiction treatment sound more manageable, discuss ways in which addressing his alcoholism can benefit his life and your family. Concentrate on how his efforts can help him at work and provide a positive example to your children.

Offer Measures of Support

No one can overcome alcohol abuse on his own. If your spouse is suffering from an abuse or addiction issue, you must be a reliable source of support for him. To show that you will be there as he embarks upon this journey, offer tangible means of encouragement, such as going with him to meetings and finding recreational pastimes that take his mind off alcohol.

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