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Senior Perspectives, a Geriatric Mental Health ProgramGeriatric Mental Health Program in Pasadena

Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California offers a variety of behavioral health services including Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for adults. The Senior Perspectives program is a geriatric program that's focused on treating mood disorders in adults ages 55+. Patients are immersed in a therapeutic environment with intensive support, structure, highly trained staff for psychiatric services, and nursing on-site. The program is intended to support aging adults through the unique challenges they face, allowing them to achieve vitality and wellness with age. Las Encinas Hospital believes in treating the whole person and not just the medical condition at hand. This allows all of our patients to achieve better outcomes long-term.

Outpatient Geriatric Program

If you or your loved one is suffering emotional challenges or mental illness, seeking treatment through the Senior Perspectives, geriatrics-focused program at Las Encinas Hospital can greatly enhance quality of life. With a safe, tranquil setting for healing and change to occur, patients in the program can expect to participate in a variety of therapeutic and educational groups that are essential to the recovery process. Patients are treated by a team of clinicians and have access to a doctor and/or RN should any potential health issues arise while in treatment. This team of clinicians has developed our specialized treatment program specific to geriatric care.

Treatment Plan

Senior Perspectives is an 8-week program geared toward the treatment of common mood disorders in aging adults including depression and mania. The treatments used throughout the program include CBT, activities therapy, and safety seeking aspects for issues related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relational challenges, and more. The program therapist develops an individualized treatment plan to discuss with the patient at the beginning of care. Patients are able to participate in the development of their treatment plans by discussing symptoms and desired accomplishments with the program therapist.

The Las Encinas Hospital Experience

Las Encinas Hospital offers a beautiful, quiet campus in a picturesque setting. Our staff and leadership are highly trained to provide the highest quality care while focusing on each and every individual's unique story and circumstance. Our therapeutic and support-based environment allows our patients to experience true relief of symptoms and lasting healing. As a part of one of our outpatient programs, patients receive both a complimentary breakfast and lunch. Transportation services are also available to program participants daily.* Most patients are scheduled to attend our campus 3 days per week.

Admission & Attendance

There is no specialized admissions process for the Senior Perspectives program. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, simply call our assessment staff at 877-579-8140.  Once admitted, patients are expected to attend and participate in every session as scheduled. If a patient is unable to attend, it's important to contact the hospital at your earliest convenience. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

*Van service is available within approximately a 10-mile radius of the hospital and is subject to travel time and route scheduling restrictions.