What to Bring for Your Inpatient Care

Las Encinas Hospital PoolIn order to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible, we establish guidelines for your stay.  Many of these guidelines are in response to mental health laws and regulations, as we also want to protect the safety of each individual patient, regardless of the reason for their stay.  The following are the guidelines for you to review.

We ask you to bring no more than 3 days of your most comfortable clothing along with your toiletries.

  • All strings from jackets, sweatshirts, etc. must be removed
  • No belts, shoelaces, neckties
  • Bring slip-on shoes or slippers
  • No sharp items, cameras, cell phones (phone access is available to patients at no cost)
  • Alcohol of any kind or items containing alcohol

For an extended list of items, please call Assessment and Information.  Any item brought of value will be kept for safe keeping, identified with your name, in the Nursing Supervisor’s office.