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Teen Inpatient Program for Adolescent Females

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Our Youth Services Inpatient Program helps adolescent females develop the skills they need to manage life’s challenges. The program helps teen girls between 13 and 17 years old build meaningful friendships and learn how to deal with interpersonal challenges productively. Most importantly, our program helps teen girls improve their behavioral health in a safe and supportive environment.

Four teen girls smiling with a nature background During our Youth Services Inpatient Program, our team of behavioral health professionals helps each girl with their individual needs. In addition to our behavioral health therapy sessions, we also provide medication management services. We also closely consult with each teen patient’s family throughout the treatment program.

Our team’s treatment program objectives include:

  • Teaching skills for safely managing thoughts and behaviors that would otherwise pose a danger to one’s self or other people.
  • Reducing severe symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, substance dependence, psychosis, and other mental health issues.
  • Identifying ways to improve the adolescent’s ability to function at home, at school, with peers, and in her community.
  • Developing a safe discharge plan with referral appointments for relevant medical professionals. We typically make referrals to psychiatrists for medications and to behavioral health therapists for individual and family therapy sessions.

Our treatment philosophy for improving behavioral health

Our team works hard to provide a positive and safe experience for all participants in our Youth Services Inpatient Program. We designed our program to offer teenage girls an opportunity to benefit from multiple treatment modalities. Our program includes both individual and group therapy sessions. We also hold family therapy and art therapy sessions. During treatment sessions, each girl learns valuable lessons regarding managing her mental health needs. Prior to treatment, our team works with each girl and her family to identify specific goals for the girl’s treatment program.

During a girl’s adolescent years, she experiences rapid changes. The changes can be physical, emotional, and social. Some girls manage those changes with little difficulty, and other girls may need support. Our trained mental health professionals can identify each girl’s unique needs and help with a range of behavioral health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Social anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Self-harm
  • Substance abuse
  • Addiction and substance dependency
  • Thoughts of suicide

We want each patient to achieve lasting behavioral change as a result of our programs. To achieve that goal, each program includes preparing each teen girl for life after the treatment program finishes. Accordingly, during the treatment program, our team prepares the teen girls and their families for the teen’s transition back to family life at home. This preparation work includes helping each girl develop behavioral health management and coping skills.

Additionally, this work includes our team having multiple meetings with a girl’s family. During these meetings, we can help ensure that a girl’s entire family - both parents and siblings - understand how to best help the teen going forward. Having a safe and supportive home environment is critical for a teen to maintain the progress she made on her behavioral health during treatment. A teen’s recovery is very much a family effort.

We also provide teens and their families with detailed discharge plans. A discharge plan often includes continued outpatient care sessions. Outpatient care is often useful as it allows a teen to return home while still providing a teen with the professional support that they may need. Discharge plans may also include a medication management component, where we ensure that a family member knows how to administer any necessary medications to the teen safely.

How Las Encinas Hospital can help

Our inpatient mental health facilities for teens provide a highly-customized treatment experience, and our program director, Dr. Paul Kurkjian, utilizes dynamic treatment planning for each program. We have small cohorts with each Youth Services Inpatient Program, and we have one of the highest staff to patient ratios of any inpatient adolescent care program. The small patient cohorts allow us to provide each girl with the attention and care that she needs.

During their stays with us, teen patients can access safe shared spaces with multiple seating areas and a therapeutic garden. Teens will meet other girls who are dealing with similar challenges, and they can develop friendships during the inpatient treatment program. At Las Encinas Hospital, teens can benefit from the social and group therapy components of our Youth Services Inpatient Program. Teens will develop conflict-resolution skills and relationship-building skills, and we believe that these skills are extremely important for a girl’s behavioral health recovery.

Getting started at Las Encinas Hospital

If your teen struggles with behavioral health, know that your teen does not have to go through that struggle alone. Our team at Las Encinas Hospital is here to help. To get started, contact us online or call our behavioral health hospital directly at (877) 579-8140. We can schedule your teen for a free mental health assessment and arrange an appointment with a member of our clinical staff.