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3 Ways to Alleviate Depression

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Depression can be difficult to endure as it can leave you fatigued, feeling cut off from the rest of the world, and without the desire to seek treatment. While going to a therapist is highly recommended if you are suffering from depression, there are ways to alleviate depression that have been proven to work and don’t cost you anything.

Here are 3 tips on how to reduce depression.


You may have already heard this a thousand times, but getting exercise really is one of the best activities to boost both your physical and mental health. Exercise has been shown to increase levels of neurotransmitters that are responsible for improving one’s mood, such as dopamine and endorphins.

You don’t need to complete a 3-hour workout to see improvements. Even a 15-minute walk can be enough to produce results.


In recent years, more and more people are turning to meditation, and not without reason. Engaging in mindfulness practice for as little as 5 minutes a day can serve to stabilize both your mind and your mood throughout your day.


Sometimes, the best way to alleviate depression and help yourself is to find a way to help others. Not only can volunteer work itself be rewarding, but it also can provide great opportunities for more structure in your life as well as great socializing opportunities.

If you are planning to start volunteer work, be sure not to overextend yourself. Do what you can at the beginning.

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