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What Is a Functioning Alcoholic?

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Alcoholics are not always easy to spot. Although it’s sometimes clear when a person has a problem with alcohol, this is not always the case. Functioning alcoholics drink every bit as much as people who have more obvious struggles with alcohol, but they are able to conceal the signs so that few are aware that they are heavy drinkers.

Functioning alcohols are able to maintain most daily routines that slip away from other people who abuse alcohol. They may excel at work, and their relationships don’t usually suffer from their drinking. Functioning alcoholics are able to deny their drinking problems because they haven’t experienced any of the stereotypical consequences. However, being a functioning alcoholic is dangerous. Usually, such people can function while drinking heavily because they have built up a tolerance to alcohol. Although functional alcoholics may appear outwardly healthy, they may be doing tremendous damage to their internal organs.

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