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Transitioning Back to Life as a Student After Rehab

Press Release

College can facilitate drug and alcohol abuse problems for many students. If you have already gone through substance abuse treatment and are now preparing to return to school, you may have some apprehension about what lies ahead. Preparing for this transition can help you successfully navigate the drug and alcohol pitfalls that college can bring. For one, create a schedule that focuses on fulfilling pastimes. Make sure that these hobbies include individuals who will not encourage drug or alcohol usage. Two, establish a relationship with sponsor prior to resuming your college life. By having someone available to talk you through your more difficult moments, you can successfully manage trying situations. You may also want to consider continuing your substance abuse treatment services on an outpatient basis.

Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena can help you return to life as a sober and healthy person. If you are struggling with drug addiction, call us today at (888) 348-2165. Our dual diagnosis treatment options provide comprehensive care for individuals suffering from mental concerns complicating their substance abuse problems.