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Items to Pack for Drug Rehab

Press Release

Drug rehabilitation offers a chance for you to break the hold of addiction. This process is done in a facility that maximizes privacy and security for all patients. Those who undergo drug rehab often live in residences that contain the comforts of home, including beds and laundry services. Therefore, you need only bring personal items that can help you remain safe and at ease during your stay. Upon the approval of your substance abuse treatment counselor, you can bring personal hygiene items that are free of alcohol. You are also encouraged to pack casual clothing and nightwear. Prior to readying yourself for drug rehab, consult your counselor about the number of bags that you can bring for the duration of your rehabilitation. You should make sure to have all contact and insurance documentation with you as well.

Do you have questions about your upcoming stay at Las Encinas Hospital? Our addiction treatment counselors in Pasadena are here to help make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible. Call (888) 348-2165 to learn more about our packing rules and regulations.