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Important Statistics on Alcohol Use and Abuse

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Alcohol abuse is a condition that can wreak havoc on a person’s personal, social, and professional life. This common problem takes the lives of thousands of Americans each year and negatively influences the lives of millions more. The following facts illustrate how damaging alcohol abuse can be and why those who are addicted should seek substance abuse treatment for it.

Impact to Health

Individuals may be familiar with how high doses of alcohol can affect the liver. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cirrhosis is a major complication of alcohol abuse, but it is far from the only side effect of it. Alcohol can affect cardiovascular and neurological function. Studies indicate that high consumption of alcohol can also heighten the danger of getting several types of cancer. It can raise a person’s susceptibility to mental illness as well. Expectant mothers in particular can put both themselves and their unborn children at risk when they drink alcohol while pregnant.

Affect on Loved Ones

Alcohol abuse damages relationships. Not only can it lead to considerable emotional strain between loved ones, but it can also increase the incidence of physical altercations. Research shows that circumstances of domestic abuse often involve alcohol. In fact, alcohol plays a primary role in approximately one-third of all abusive situations.

Indication of Abuse

Alcohol abuse frequently goes untreated because those with it do not think that they have a problem. However, chemical dependency treatment centers urge individuals to carefully evaluate their drinking behaviors. In general, men who consume more than 14 drinks in a week could be at risk of having an alcohol problem. For women the number is even lower. Habits that include drinking more than seven alcoholic beverages could indicate an alcohol abuse issue.

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