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Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is an Important Part of Treatment

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Alcoholism does stem from a physical dependency to alcohol, but there are also complex mental and emotional factors to the addiction that should be focused on in treatment for a successful recovery. It is these factors that might drive an individual to alcohol use in the first place, and Alcoholics Anonymous can facilitate the discovery of these factors for complete recovery and ongoing support.

Group therapy and support

The group setting of AA is a large part of its success. In a meeting, you will be surrounded by others who understand your condition and have lived through it. One advantage of the group is that you can interact with people in all stages of recovery and establish a support system to set yourself up for success.

Safe environment for growth

Some people do not speak up much at their first AA meeting, but the meeting provides a welcoming environment for anyone to open up and share stories about their addiction. Anonymity is essential to this atmosphere, because it allows people of all backgrounds to feel comfortable and share their stories. When one is able to speak honestly and analytically about his or her relationship with alcohol, there is great opportunity for growth, healing, and rediscovery of self-worth.

Greater personal responsibility

When you build relationships with fellow AA attendees, you might feel a greater responsibility to the group to stay on track in your recovery. Even your close friends and family members may have a difficult time understanding your condition and treatment, so it can be incredibly helpful to maintain a commitment to the group where there is a constant feeling of support.

At Aurora Las Encinas Hospital, Alcoholics Anonymous is only part of our proven method for substance abuse treatment and detox. For more information about our Los Angeles-based program, visit us at our website today or call (888) 348-2165.