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Engage During National Recovery Month 2020

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September is National Recovery Month, and it is a time to recognize the importance of mental health treatment and recovery. In many cases, when a person suffers from a mental health condition, they may forgo treatment due to the idea that treatment will be ineffective. During National Recovery Month, mental health advocates combat the incorrect claim that treatment cannot lead to recovery. Through events, campaigns, and outreach, people and organizations can raise awareness this month that mental health recovery is achievable.

National Recovery Month is for everyone. In this article, we share how people can get engage with National Recovery Month and get involved in raising awareness. We also provide some background on National Recovery Month and detail how people who suffer from mental health challenges can get started with modern treatment programs.

Ways to engage and support National Recovery Month

Like many events this year, organizations have had to adapt National Recovery Month events to adhere to social distancing guidelines. While, in many cases, people are unable to gather in person, they can still come together in support of mental health virtually.

One way to participate in National Recovery Month is by taking part in Peer Service's Step Up For Recovery 2020 campaign. You can join with your family and friends virtually and "step up" for someone in need of mental health treatment and support. The campaign features several challenges, including stair-stepping, walking, running, and, for individuals who use wheelchairs, rolling. The campaign encourages participants to share videos and selfies of each challenge on social media. By sharing, you can encourage others to support the awareness campaign and people with mental health conditions.

Another way to get involved is by taking part in Thriving United's National Recovery Month Scavenger Hunt. Individuals and teams can register for the treasure hunt, and they can then complete tasks each day and collect points. Tasks include making videos, taking photos, and sharing social media content supporting mental health treatment and recovery. The scavenger hunt winners will receive a grand prize at the end of the month.

You can also participate virtually by sharing stories of successful recovery journies. The Faces & Voices of Recovery organization features dozens of recovery stories from everyday people on the "recovery stories" blog. By sharing a story on social media, you can help reduce the stigma associated with mental health treatment and raise awareness of the possibility of recovery. Sometimes people who face mental health challenges do not show it, and there may be someone in your close circle who can benefit from the display of support.

Some history on National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month has been running for over 30 years. The first version of National Recovery Month took place in September 1989 as "Treatment Works! Month." In the early years of National Recovery Month, mental health advocates focused on celebrating clinicians who helped patients recover from addictions. Later, in 1998, the month's name changed to "National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month." Under this new name, the month had an expanded focus of also raising awareness of the difficulties that addicted individuals face.

The National Recovery Month that we know today did not start until another name change in 2011. With the month now being "National Recovery Month" officially, the month's new programming focuses on promoting the message that treatment works and recovery is possible. The month is no longer just for substance abuse and addiction, and the month's focus today encompasses substance use disorders and all mental health issues.

Getting treatment at Las Encinas Hospital

Today, patients and clinicians can choose from a variety of mental health programs. When a patient starts a treatment program, they take the first step towards getting in control of their mental health condition and improving their well-being.

At Las Encinas Hospital, our customizable treatment programs can provide treatment for a range of mental health needs. For patients who need around-the-clock care, we offer inpatient psychiatric care programs. Our inpatient care options also include our chemical dependency treatment program, which includes supervised medical support for the detoxification process. For individuals who suffer from substance abuse and addiction, a chemical detoxification program can help them break the cycle of addiction.

We also offer partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs. Partial hospitalization programs require more clinical care hours than intensive outpatient programs, and our team can help advise each patient on which treatment program is best for their mental health needs.

To get started with mental health treatment at Las Encinas Hospital, the first step is to schedule a free mental health assessment. After a potential patient takes the assessment, our team can help the patient and the patient's family decide on the right treatment program. To schedule a free mental health assessment for you or a loved one, call our team any time at (877) 579-8140.