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What Are the 6 Types of Anxiety Disorder?

January 23, 2023 Posted in: News Release

When someone suffers from one of the many types of anxiety, it can make living a normal life challenging. There are six types of anxiety disorders. While each of these disorders is treated... Continue reading →

Is Substance Abuse a Mental Health Issue?

December 29, 2022 Posted in: News Release

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) classifies substance use disorders as a type of mental health disorder. Over time, a substance use... Continue reading →

Types of Substance Abuse and Strategies to Overcome Addiction

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Many of us use substances to relax, unwind, and enjoy ourselves. Though there are also those who use them for other reasons, including escaping the stresses of life,... Continue reading →

4 Signs You Grew Up in a Toxic Family and How to Overcome it

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Psychological trauma is not always a result of growing up in a toxic family environment, although it can be a contributing factor. A child can experience a car accident resulting in a parent’s death... Continue reading →

Connection Between Mental Health Disorders and Chemical Dependency

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

When someone receives a dual diagnosis, it usually means they will require treatment for a mental health condition and for substance abuse. These disorders are... Continue reading →

Healthy Coping Skills for PTSD

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

It is common to experience intense responses, including stress, anxiety, flashbacks, or insomnia after experiencing traumatic events. There are many types of incidents that could cause PTSD,... Continue reading →

How Burnout Can Lead to Mental Breakdowns

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

The world is in upheaval with the COVID-19 pandemic as there has been a growing number of concerns about everyday life. This is creating an increase in daily stressors, life... Continue reading →

Impact of COVID-19 on Anxiety: Situational Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorder

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

The years 2020 and 2021 have been ones we will never forget, as so many lives were turned upside down with the mention of a new virus: COVID-19. The changes that occurred brought a new... Continue reading →

Knowing and Acting on the Signs of Suicidal Ideation

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Suicide or taking one’s own life occurs too often when someone is overwhelmed by intense emotional pain. It can leave a family devastated and wondering what they could have done... Continue reading →

Schizophrenia vs Bipolar Disorder: How to Get the Support You Need

October 21, 2022 Posted in: News Release

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are two chronic mental health conditions and can often be confused with each other. It is important to understand they have... Continue reading →