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Free Educational Series for College Students

All sessions are 7pm-8pm

December 27th-Relationships in College by Maria Barelli, LCSW

Relationships are important, as they span all walks of life and affect just about every aspect of living.  If problems in your relationship with your parents, a significant other, friends, roommates, teachers, etc. are impacting the way you feel and the choices you make, it's important to take a look at how you relate to other people, what you want from them, and how different communication styles may help or hinder you from having your needs met.  Taking a closer look at these dynamics may also unveil aspects of the most important relationship of all, the one you have with yourself.  Learn more about how to maintain healthy relationships with self and others that are marked by compromise, honesty, and respect.

December 29th-Anxiety and Depression by Don Lee, LMFT

Having a bad day or feeling stressed out here and there is an experience common to students and non-students alike, but is there a way to know when the sadness, hopelessness, fatigue, or irritability you feel are more serious than the average blues, and something to worry about? Learn how to know the difference, and how to prevent yourself from joining the 50% of all college students who report being so stressed out that they have difficulty getting their schoolwork done.  Learn strategies to battle depression and anxiety, and to make your college experience a more positive and productive one.

January 3rd-Drugs, Drinking, & the College Experience by Jim Klotzle, LMFT

In a time when marijuana use is more common and drinking more normalized than ever before, it would be silly to abstain from either of the two…right?  After all, “Weed is harmless.”  "There's nothing wrong with getting drunk with my friends on the weekends."  Right?  Find out what you may not know about the short- and long-term effects of marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs on the brain, mood, and emotions, and learn how some of the real reasons you may be using can be managed without unwelcome consequences.

January 5th-Time Management by Amanda Kirkner, LCSW

"Why do I keep procrastinating?" "Why do I feel like I can’t focus unless I wait until the last minute?" Understand more about the emotional process behind procrastination, and learn practical strategies for increasing motivation and improving task-completion without experiencing sleep deprivation, guilt, and low-quality work.  Add more free time to your daily schedule while increasing your productivity with some simple but effective time management tools.

To enroll, please call: 626-356-2664

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Lecture Series

4/16: "Substance Abuse as a Coping Mechanism in Dealing with Trauma"

5/21: "How to Live Successfully While in Recovery from Addiction"


Jeff McNairy, Psy.D., M.P.H. currently works in private practice at Carlson & Associates specializing in trauma and addiction. He is also Co-Director of Crisis Leadership, Inc., a consulting firm that works with individuals and corporations in high-conflict situations dealing with high-conflict individuals. Dr. McNairy is bilingual in Spanish and focuses on the policy implications of health care services and beliefs among culturally diverse populations in the Southwest U.S., Latin America, and Polynesian populations. "A ʻohe pau ka ike, i ke hālau hoʻokahi." (All knowledge is not taught in one school, one can learn from many sources).

We are proud to announce May’s 3 Rs of Customer Service Award winner, Zoey Betancourt, our incredibly gifted MHW. Zoey always remains professional, genuine and calm even on the most stressful of days. She is a big part of why Las Encinas Hospital is so successful when it comes to superior patient care and patient satisfaction.

Zoey has spent almost 5 years caring for patient on 2 East. Zoey is described by her co-works as a team player, always supportive and conscientious. She is a mentor to both new staff as well as seasoned staff. Zoey’s co-workers have complemented her on numerous occasions for the exceptional way she interacts with our patients. Zoey has the ability of reaching our patients and putting them at ease with her empathetic and caring demeanor. She takes time to listen, talk and laugh with our patients. When Zoey has a day off or is on a break patients miss her and often ask, “Where’s Zoey?” She certainly does not go unnoticed!

So, thank you, Zoey, for providing fantastic service and for always portraying the 3 Rs of Customer Service – Responsible, Reliable and Respectful. We truly appreciate your commitment to Las Encinas Hospital!